Comparison of several design theories and methods with the legacy of Vladimir Hubka

Year: 2012
Author: Eder, W. Ernst
Institution: Royal Military College of Canada
Page(s): 74


Prof. Ernst W. Eder is working in the field of design science for almost 50 years. He was engaged in WDK (Workshop - Design - Konstruktion) from which today's Design Society emerged in 2001. In numerous books and articles, but also in discussions at workshops and conferences he has contributed a lot - both to our science and to forming what is now a world-spanning community of design researchers. Prof. Eder overlooks several generations of design researchers and their work - right down to the most recent proposals. He offered to share his experiences, viewpoints and conclusions with the scientific public via the Design Society's webpage in the attached article. For the sake of scientific rigour he always expresses his views quite sharply. He is open for critical discussions about the past, present and future of design science; please feel free to join such discussions by sending him a mail to

Keywords: Design Science, Systematic Design


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