Educational Practices for Collaborative Distributed Design of an Innovative Eco-Designed Product

Year: 2012
Editor: Lyndon Buck, Geert Frateur, William Ion, Chris McMahon, Chris Baelus, Guido De Grande, Stijn Verwulgen
Author: SEGONDS, Frédéric; MARANZANA, Nicolas; ROSE Bertrand and CAILLAUD, Emmanuel
Series: E&PDE
Institution: Arts et Métiers ParisTech, France and Université de Strasbourg
Section: Sustainability
Page(s): 605-610
ISBN: 978-1-904670-36-0


This article presents an academic experiment in the design of an innovative eco-product, by two Master's degree student teams from two universities. The originality of the work is that it promotes a framework for analyzing and teaching collaborative design projects in a context of cloud computing.

Keywords: Collaborative engineering, cloud computing, design.


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