How to Construct Form Logically Based on Human Desin Technology and Form Construction Principles

Year: 2012
Editor: Duffy, A.; Nagai, Y.; Taura, T.
Author: T. Yamaoka
Section: Design Creativity Methods and Integration
Page(s): 384-392


This paper describes a new method to construct a form logically based on form construction principles and Human Design Technology which is a systematic design and products development method. A basic form is constructed based on the structured concept, seventy design items of HDT. Next, the form construction principles transform the basic form into a final form which is very attractive. The form construction principle comprises (1) the flow of plane of a form, (2) simple form, (3) accent for a form and (4) greatness of volume on a plane. The procedure: 1. The structured concept is constructed based on user requirements. 2. A basic form is designed based on the structured concept, the seventy design items. 3. Abasic form is transformed into a final form using the form construction principles. The color and feel of a material and so on are decided at the same time according to the structured concept.

Keywords: human design technology, structured concept, form construction principle


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