Considerations about Creative Environments for Students

DS 73-2 Proceedings of the 2nd International conference on Design Creativity Volume 2

Year: 2012
Editor: Duffy, A.; Nagai, Y.; Taura, T.
Author: Lloveras, J.
Section: Collaborative Creativity and Education
Page(s): 280-288


A new idea is based on old ideas and knowledge produced by other minds, but an idea is born in the mind of one person, even when working with others. This article analyses several factors contributing to people‘s natural creativity. Among them we find the physical environment and psychological motivations that influence the production of ideas. Additionally, some considerations on the production of ideas, creativity techniques and factors that can affect the mind are presented. Several actions based on the author‘s extensive experience in teaching undergraduate and graduate creativity courses are also explained. Finally, the results of two student surveys on these actions are analysed and conclusions are drawn.

Keywords: creativity, environment, motivations, surveys


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