Empower Me - Social Design Innovation for Homeless Families: Collective Design Creativity

Year: 2012
Editor: Duffy, A.; Nagai, Y.; Taura, T.
Author: G. Melles; Z. Howard
Section: Design Thinking and Education
Page(s): 125-134


Design Creativity has largely been explored as an individual expression of design cognition rather than as the collective manifestation of interaction in context. Recent approaches to design with an emphasis on co-design suggest that the problem-solution space co-evolves through social interaction. Socially Responsive Design for Social Innovation constitutes the most recent and perhaps the most promising domain of application for design thinking practices that emphasize collaborative innovation. In this paper, we describe the ideation of a service design solution for homeless families (Em.power.me), developed through consultation with a range of stakeholders over a three month period. This service design innovation aimed to visualise how such a service would operate and identify the potential benefits for all stakeholders. We focus here on the phases leading to the ideation of the service design.

Keywords: homelessness, design thinking, socially responsive design


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