Creativity and Innovtion: Developing Design Thinking and Visual Communication Skills

DS 73-2 Proceedings of the 2nd International conference on Design Creativity Volume 2

Year: 2012
Editor: Duffy, A.; Nagai, Y.; Taura, T.
Author: Trowsdale, D. B.; McKay, A.; Giard, J.
Section: Design Thinking and Education
Page(s): 116-124


A common feature of today‘s societal challenges lies in their complexity. Society‘s ability to address these problems depends on education programmes developing in their graduates competencies and capabilities needed to drive innovation in unanticipated situations. Key challenges lie in developing creativity and innovation skills in students and in supporting them learning to apply these skills to real-world problems that are typically complex and unpredictable. This paper builds on experiences from a week long workshop,

Keywords: design thinking, visual thinking, creativity, innovation, education


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