Toward a Constrating Oriented Pragmatism Understanding of Design Creativity

Year: 2012
Editor: Duffy, A.; Nagai, Y.; Taura, T.
Author: M. M. Biskjaer; P. Dalsgaard
Section: Creativity
Page(s): 65-74


This paper explores the potentials of pragmatist philosophy to enrich the discourse on design creativity in general and the concept of constraints specifically. The concept of constraints is central in vanguard creativity research, and recent contributions have begun to explore constraints as nuanced and situated phenomena. In this paper, we argue that pragmatism can inspire and inform the study of constraints in design creativity by offering a coherent and well-developed frame of understanding how designerly inquiry unfolds as a complex interplay between the designer and the resources at hand in the situation, which may continuously alternate between constraining and enabling roles, or even take on both roles simultaneously. Through this, pragmatism can lead to a more situated, dialogical approach to constraint management and manipulation, thus facilitating new insights into design creativity.

Keywords: design creativity, pragmatism, constraints


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