Anforderungen an technische Oberflächen und die Herausforderungen für den Produktentwickler

Year: 2011
Editor: Krause, D.; Paetzold, K.; Wartzack, S.
Author: Thomas Sander und Sandro Wartzack
Section: Robust Design
Page(s): 141-152


The surface of the component has a great impact on the functionality and has to be considered as a complex constructional element. It is hard to state an optimal time frame for the definition of surfaces during the product development process, since it is related to many parameters like selection of materials, manufacturing process, optical, decorative and haptic properties. In this approach the types of information are proposed with regard to the progress of the product development to support the developer at the definition of the surfaces. A simplified example of an agitator shaft for the food industry illustrates this approach.


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