Evaluation of Linear Drivers with Different Fuzzy Methods

Year: 2011
Editor: Krause, D.; Paetzold, K.; Wartzack, S.
Author: Attila Piros und Tibor Bercsey
Section: Prozessunterst├╝tzung
Page(s): 79-86


This paper focuses on the selection of the mechanical components of a linear drive system. The system itself is installed in a high capacity tool magazine. The high variety of the possible components makes the selection procedure complicated because of the large number of the possible variations. The manual handling of this procedure, like managing the data with spreadsheets, is nearly impossible. Using fuzzy membership functions to evaluate the mechanical properties of these components gives an opportunity to automatically find the best combination of the components. There are many fuzzy evaluating methods available, but this paper compares the conventional fuzzy evaluation (RG, RFZ) with using corrected fuzzy mean (CFZ).


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