Correlation between Intrinsic Characteristics of Industrial Products and User’s Perception

Year: 2011
Editor: Chakrabarti, A.
Author: Colombo, Sara; Gorno, Roberta; Rognoli, Valentina
Section: Design Aesthetics, Semiotics, Semantics
Page(s): 800-807


The present study bases on the statement that the product experience is becoming a more and more important element in the user’s assessment and selection of an industrial product. Different areas of research (consumer sciences, psychology, ergonomics, industrial design, engineering) are opening to the emotional aspect of products, among which those investigating the aesthetic perception as a part of the emotion. This paper aims at investigating the existing correlation between form features of an industrial product and the user’s perception at the aesthetic level. The purpose of this study is to formalize a test able to return the connection existing between intrinsic features of a product and the user response in terms of meaning attribution. The present study will focus mainly on the form parameters of products

Keywords: User’s perception, Product’s form, Product experience


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