Can a Virtual Design Environment Enhance Group Creativity and the Use of Stimuli?

Year: 2011
Editor: Chakrabarti, A.
Author: E. W. A.Elias; P.Chamakiotis; T. J.Howard; E. A.Dekoninck; S. J.Culley
Section: Design Creativity, Synthesis,Evaluation and Optimisation
Page(s): 623-630


It is a common perception that creativity for design is best performed in a collaborative, group environment.Group idea generation and brainstorm sessions are of widespread practice across industries. This technique remains popular despite numerous studies highlighting the inefficiencies of generating idea in such a fashion.This paper puts together three ways of improving the group brainstorming session; working in nominal groups,using stimuli and working in a virtual team. The final sections sets out recommendations for a future virtual design environment capable of supporting group brainstorming

Keywords: Group creativity, Virtual design teams, Creative stimuli


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