Conceptual Design Features and Eco-Methods

Year: 2011
Editor: Chakrabarti, A.
Author: Bavan,Saravana.D; Kumar, Mohan. G. C
Section: Eco-Design, Sustainable Manufacturing, Design for Sustainbility
Page(s): 464-471


Natural fibers are the most common fibers available on earth in various forms such as plant fibers, animal fibers and mineral fibers. Plant fibers are the upcoming novel fibers used in omposites as a reinforcement material. Natural fibers have lot of potential in the materials field due to its immense advantage and its low cost availability. Certain mechanisms are to be developed to extract these fibers mechanically without losing its natural properties. This paper is concerned with the design features along with fabricated decorticator to extract the natural fibers from the resources in an eco-naturalistic mechanical manner. Conceptual novel design is been carried out and its features are discussed. This design of extracting natural fiber is done by manually-hand operated method. A view of other methods adopted, features involved in extraction, design of the product and interesting keen ideas are been included.

Keywords: Natural fibers, Extraction, Mechanical method, Design features.


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