AR Application for Pre-Post Processing in Engineering Analysis for Non-Expert Users

Year: 2011
Editor: Chakrabarti, A.
Author: Ferrise,Francesco; Bordegoni,Monica; Ambrogio,Marco; Caruso,Giandomenico
Section: Enabling Technologies & Tools
Page(s): 259-266


The aim of the work presented in this paper is to develop and test new interaction paradigms based on Augmented Reality techniques for handling parameters and results in the pre and post-processing phase of engineering structural and computational fluid dynamics analyses to be used even by non-expert users. This would allow non-expert users to understand the phenomena through a straightforward cause-effect approach that is commonly recognized as an enactive process. In the paper we describe the development of the application and some preliminary users’ tests that have been used to validate the approach proposed.

Keywords: Augmented Reality, Product development, Engineering analysis, pre-post processing.


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