The Specificities of Radical Innovation

Year: 2011
Editor: Chakrabarti, A.
Author: Motte,Damien; Yannou,Bernard; Bjärnemo,Robert
Section: Design Theory, Methodology and Research Methodology
Page(s): 79-86


In this paper, we investigate a special case of new product development (NDP), that of radical innovation.When a company desires to go outside a current saturated market, it is necessary to offer a new product which is radically different from the competition. If successful, the offering will create a new market that the company can expect to dominate a least for a while until the competition strikes back. A radical NPD has several characteristics that are quite unique and distinct from other types of NPD. This paper aims at making a synthesis of these specificities. From this set of specificities, the ability of the current methodologies to deal with radical innovation is discussed.

Keywords: New product development, Radical innovation, Methodology.


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