Methodology for the Creation of Value Chains Adapted to Technical and Radical Innovation

Year: 2011
Editor: Chakrabarti, A.
Author: Petetin, François; Bertoluci, Gwenola; Bocquet Jean-Claude
Section: Design Theory, Methodology and Research Methodology
Page(s): 58-65


Innovation, however beneficial for a company, introduces risks proportional to the degree of disruption caused by the suggested innovation. Moreover, the new product development process Includes several operational, tactical and strategical decisions: newtechnologies involved, implementation and adjustment of manufacturing processes, make or buy decision, innovation protection, market introduction. . . Alternatives considered for each of these decisions can be translated into significantly different industrial and commercial scenarios.These scenarios will result in the creation and destruction of values for each stakeholder of the project and in a certain level of risk induced. In order to maximize this value creation and minimize the risks and value destruction, it is essential to have beforehand an accurate model of this value flow. In this article we describe a methodology that aims to simulate the value creation for each of these scenarios and apply it to the case of a small aeronautics integrator.

Keywords: Innovation, New product development, Systemic modeling, Decision making in design.


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