Analyzing Creativity Methods

Year: 2009
Editor: Chakrabarti, A.
Author: Sarkar,Prabir; Chakrabarti,Amaresh
Section: Creativity, Synthesis and Innovation
Page(s): 3-10


There exists many creativity enhancing methods or techniques. Some of these methods could be more effective than others. Analyzing techniques to select the most suitable one is an important issue during designing. How to identify a good creativity technique? This paper delivers a methodology for selecting a suitable creativity technique. Detailed analysis of four pre selected design methods (viz. Brainstorming, Ideal Design, Functional Analysis and Innovation Situation Questionnaire) are carried out based on this methodology. The methodology is based on the search ef cacy of different methods. The objective is to develop a means for identifying in which phases of design a given creativity method and a participant designer is more effective

Keywords: Creativity, design, design methods, creativity methods.


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