Year: 2011
Editor: Kovacevic, Ahmed, Ion, William, McMahon, Chris, Buck, Lyndon and Hogarth, Peter
Author: Childs, Peter; Fountain, Rod
Series: E&PDE
Section: Keynote Speech
Page(s): 3-8


Creativity can be defined as the ability to imagine or invent something new of value. In the engineering domain, for example, in common with many workplace and social experiences, creativity is both sought after and resisted. In essence creativity represents a significant risk and yet in the fast moving business climate no creativity is even riskier. Essential to realising financial or societal value from an idea, is definition and embodiment of the details that enable the idea to be realised in practice. This paper explores the tensions involved with creativity, the value and use of creativity tools and the importance of design in realising commercial potential. This can be embodied in the moniker commercivity, the commercial exploitation of creativity through the implementation of gamechanging and sustainable ideas.

Keywords: commerce, creativity, innovation, system, business


Table of Contents

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