Integration of BIM and DSM to Improve Design Process in Building Construction Projects

Year: 2011
Editor: Eppinger, S. D., Maurer, M., Eben, K., Lindemann, U.
Author: Jacob, J.; Varghese, K.
Section: Civil Engineering
Page(s): 363-376


Design process is complex in collaborative environments having large team size and many disciplines. Building design also has become sophisticated and schedules have been tightened. Building Information Modelling (BIM), one of the latest tools in building design, based on parametric modelling paradigm, allow the collaborators to be in physically distant locations without face to face interaction. This amplifies complexity and need for improved design management. Design Structure Matrix (DSM) is an effective tool in managing iterative tasks such as design process. Parameter-based DSM represents design parameter relationships. This paper establishes that parameter-based DSM can be integrated with BIM, which also is parametric, for effective design management. Another obstacle in collaborative BIM is that different applications following different formats affect interoperability. Industry foundation Classes (IFC) is an open format developed as a solution to this. IFC is identified as suitable level in which the integration with DSM can be done.

Keywords: Building Information Modelling (BIM), Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), parameterbased Design Structure Matrix (DSM)


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