Using the VoDD Matrix to Bring Design Department Voice in the Choice of Concepts

Year: 2011
Editor: Eppinger, S. D., Maurer, M., Eben, K., Lindemann, U.
Author: Holley, V.; Yannou, B.; Jancovic, M.
Section: Managing Complex Engineering Design Projects
Page(s): 325-335


In the context of new product development, highly constraint multi-disciplinary systems are difficult to design and generally lead to a non optimal but acceptable solution (Seepersad et al. 2008). The design of such product implies to collaborate soon in the choice of concepts. Our industrial analysis shows that concept choice is leading to collaborative problems when a design department implies a stronger influence than others. This attitude to favor one design department decreases product performance interest. As concept evaluation is a key point in product designs, this design stage must take into account design department’s point-of-views. This article describes our VoDD matrix, based on expert evaluation of component contribution to performances, to bring design department voices soon in the choice of concepts.

Keywords: Multi-physics, collaborative design, QFD


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