Year: 2011
Editor: Culley, S.J.; Hicks, B.J.; McAloone, T.C.; Howard, T.J. & Cantemessa, M.
Author: Högman, Ulf; Johannesson, Hans
Section: Design Organisation and Management
Page(s): 62-73


This article concerns technology development practices in industry. Its primary foci are on describing the technology development process, its management through normative models, and how technology is integrated and exploited through different platform approaches. The aim of the study has been to explore the external validity of previously acquired empirical results which have been obtained through a series of studies in Volvo AB, and in particular in the company context of Volvo Aero Corporation (VAC).

In order to meet our aim we have chosen a multiple case study approach, involving four different companies. Obtained results have been compared in between the different cases and reflections have been made relative to what has been reported from earlier studies at Volvo Aero Corporation, and thereby indirectly to what can be found in literature.

What we can conclude is that most of the results previously obtained in VAC have also been found in the four companies included in this study. Apart from giving this answer to our research question, this article contributes with empirical results from five different contextual settings concerning some aspects of technology development.



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