A Survey on Stakeholders and Requirements for a New Factory Planning Approach

Year: 2010
Editor: Andreas Dagman; Rikard Söderberg
Author: Daniel Politze; Jens Bathelt; Noëlle Jufer; reas Kunz
Section: Production Development
Page(s): 447-454


Today, factories are seen as a new and complex type of product and new tools and methods are required in order to define a corresponding factory planning process. Moreover, it is crucial to know about the expectations of all involved stakeholders and further to specify what such a new planning approach has to accomplish. Within this view, this paper presents the results of a survey and provides information about the stakeholders and their expectations regarding such a new approach. Furthermore, this work provides a catalogue of tasks that are demanded and thus shall be supported by a new factory planning approach.

Keywords: Factory planning, stakeholders, design tasks, design requirements.

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