Rapid Concept Realization for Conceptual Design of Modular Industrial Robots

Year: 2010
Editor: Andreas Dagman; Rikard Söderberg
Author: Edris Safavi; Mehdi Tarkian; Johan Ölvander
Section: Virtual Product Realization
Page(s): 375-384


When conducting design on novel mechatronic products, it can be valuable to test and evaluate the performance and properties of the concepts throughout the design process by producing them as downscaled prototypes, see Jouannet et al. [1]. This is especially true when the product is of unconventional design and the designer can get increased confidence of the proposed concept by testing it as a sub scaled version. Nonetheless, the process of realization of new concept should be done in a rapid fashion in order not to halt the design process and simultaneously increasing explicit knowledge about the concept. A case study will be illustrated which demonstrates how fully automated design and construction of downscaled prototypes is performed.

Keywords: Automated design, multidisciplinary design, industrial robots

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