An Approach to Model Relations Between Product Variety and Manufacturing Process Variety

Year: 2010
Editor: Andreas Dagman; Rikard Söderberg
Author: Petri Huhtala; Antti Pulkkinen; Akumatti Leskinen
Section: Platforms
Page(s): 129-138


Our focus is on the investigation of variety from the viewpoint of a product, manufacturing processes and production network and from their mutual interaction. The presented work is mainly carried out as an industrial case study, where a gearbox product family forms a target for research. Within this family the product variety and the process variety is modelled and their relationships studied. Preliminary results are presented. We highlight the product variety, which the manufacturing unit is facing through the manufacturing schedule. The interaction between parts and manufacturing system becomes visible in manufacturing environment and will change dynamically according to schedule.

Keywords: product variety, process variety, product families, manufacturing setup

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