Use of Design Methods for the Reconstruction and Manufacturing of an 200 Year old Historical Water Sledge Designed by Joseph von Baader

Year: 2010
Editor: Andreas Dagman; Rikard Söderberg
Author: Peter Leibl
Section: Design Issues
Page(s): 87-96


In the literature, there are a lot of descriptions regarding both the development process and the methods for the product design. These fields were optimized over the decades for the design of new products or the optimization of running ones. However, no effort was made to transfer this knowledge into other fields.
The intention of the paper is to describe the use of up to date processes and methods of product design for the reconstruction of an old product. The application of this is described in detail, considering the advantages and disadvantages and their applicability. The example, is based on the reconstruction of the 200 year old water sledge designed by the German engineer Joseph von Baader.

Keywords: Product design, design process, VDI-guideline 2221, design methods, reconstruction, water sledge, Joseph von Baader

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