The ‘X’ Factor: A Hypothesis to Find the Roots of Creativity

Year: 2010
Editor: Taura, T and Nagai, Y
Author: Rajendra, Duwarahan
Section: Short Presentation C


How many factors are out there to have an impact on design creativity? We are in need of creativity because capturing knowledge of a process and emulating or automating it is becoming increasingly simple. This paper examines whether creativity ever can be a learning process? Or else a result that is achieved or can be achieved in a non periodic fashion. Predicting a point in a design solution space needs more thorough analysis in the manner of a multi scale modelling of a system. This paper treats the data fusion model as a functional operator in a domain that yields a value in a range of design solutions. The domain and the range are defined in this paper along with the functional operator. And the difference between artificial creativity and natural creativity is also explored for there is a dispute regarding the proper meaning of the term, “artificial creativity”.

Keywords: “X factor”, inside and outside agents, data fusion, manipulation circle, artificial creativity


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