Investigating the Nature of Creativity as it is Understood in Graphic Design Industries

Year: 2010
Editor: Taura, T and Nagai, Y
Author: Alhajri, Salman Amur
Section: Short Presentation C


Purpose: this paper identifies the meanings of creativity from socio-cultural perspectives within the specific context of the graphic design discipline. It tries to identify what is ‘creative’ as it understood, discussed, and agreed on most creative design literatures. It is argued that creativity in graphic design could be measurable and, therefore, identifying instruments of measurement will lead to the development of new methodologies and perspectives in teaching graphic design, therefore, the methodology is based on theoretical study. Findings: the paper has outlined the best approaches for studying the development of creativity in graphic design students within a specific socio-cultural context. It has also illustrated the importance of identifying the meaning of creativity as is it understood in graphic industries within a specific socio-cultural context. An example studies that discussed how creativity should be treated, studied and measured has been mentioned on this article.

Keywords: creative design within a specific socio-cultural context, creativity in graphic design, teaching creative design, graphic design problems


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