Enabling Creativity. Imagination in Design Processes

Year: 2010
Editor: Taura, T and Nagai, Y
Author: Folkmann, Mads Nygaard
Section: Short Presentation C


The paper is a theoretical contribution to design epistemology. It proposes a framework for describing and analyzing the workings of imagination in creative design processes. The approach of the paper is to look for structural features of the imagination as they develop in the dynamic interaction between consciousness and the exterior aspects of the material world. The hypothesis is that with their design designers can create a specific connection of abstract conception and concrete views. The design process can be considered as a process of the Kantian schematization that further can be described in design specific terms of the dichotomies of known vs. unknown, focussing vs. de-focussing, and whole vs. detail. Thus, the approach is phenomenological in its grasp on the experiental operations of the design process.

Keywords: imagination, creativity, design epistemology, design methods, schematization


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