A Collaborative Process to Maximize Design Creativity for Pediatric Care

Year: 2010
Editor: Taura, T and Nagai, Y
Author: Nam, Hyojin; Costa, Fiammetta; Andreoni, Giuseppe; Romero, Maximiliano
Section: Short Presentation A


Children have different preferences in health care. The family and caregivers also have specialized needs for the children-patients. How to figure out their needs and how to solve the complexity of health care can make a difference in pediatric care and the experiences. The research unit 'Ergonomics and Design' of the Dept. of INDACO in Politecnico di Milano designed product/service systems for pediatric care. To fully explore positive opportunities, the researchers introduced a collaborative but split process of ‘Concept design’ and ‘Ergonomic verification’. Through ethnographic studies and multidisciplinary discussions, new concepts were defined under 5 groups which are 'From painful moments to joyful moments', 'Active responsibility for eating', 'Kid-centred space', 'Family-centred space', and 'Efficient & cheerful caregiving'. Among the 19 product proposals which were developed through the whole process, the 'Distributing food’ concept and its process are presented as an example in this paper.

Keywords: design innovation, design for health and wellbeing, human-centred design, codesign, action research


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