Design, sustainability and behaviour change

Year: 2010
Editor: Boks W; Ion, W; McMahon, C and Parkinson B
Author: Andrews, Deborah
Page(s): 358-363


ell-established and
positive reputation for high quality research, enterprise, under and post-graduate courses in the field of
sustainable design and engineering. Experience of working in these areas highlighted the gap between
theory and practice among staff and students however and further investigation showed that there was
considerable ‘room for improvement’ in issues associated with sustainability around the university as
a whole. Research revealed that the most successful campaigns related to sustainability are those in
which the community is involved and those which enable audience members to appreciate and / or
identify with the outcomes of their activities. It was therefore appropriate to develop a student design
project that helped to turn theory into practice by raising awareness of sustainability and encouraging
more sustainable behaviour around the university, which is particularly timely because 2005 – 2014 is
the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. This paper details the context of the
project, the project itself and the various anticipated and unanticipated outcomes of the project.

Keywords: Design, sustainability, behaviour change


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