Embedding Ethics into the Engineering and Product Design Curricula: A Case Study from the UK

Year: 2010
Editor: Boks W; Ion, W; McMahon, C and Parkinson B
Author: Covill, Derek; Gill, Deshinder Singh; Katz ,Tim; Morris, Richard
Page(s): 132-136


In recent years there has been a notable emphasis from professional bodies on embedding
professionally relevant issues, such as sustainable development and ethics into academic courses for
engineering and product design. For instance the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) recently
published its curriculum map for introducing ethics into the engineering curriculum for courses that do
not explicitly cover this at present. The guidelines include a suggested three step approach, including
an audit of current methods, a plan of action for the future and the implementation of the plan. The
authors are attempting to begin the process of introducing ethics into its engineering and product
design courses using these three stages. Currently, the team is about to enter the final and potentially
most challenging stage of the process. This paper is presented as a case study, giving an overview and
evaluation of the experiences of this team thus far, with reference to other case studies from overseas
and our own experiences in the UK.

Keywords: Embedding ethics, engineering, product design, curriculum


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