Multi-System CAD-Teaching in Large Classes

Year: 2010
Editor: Boks W; Ion, W; McMahon, C and Parkinson B
Author: Feldhusen, Jörg; Brezing, Alexander Nikolaus; Pütz, Claus; Wählisch, Georg
Page(s): 204-209


This paper describes the approach chosen to teach 3D-CAD to large classes in a one credit course at
RWTH Aachen University, where a maximum of 1400 engineering students are given an introduction
to 3D CAD each year. The overall strategy is to create an introduction to autonomous and
extracurricular CAD-learning, because the rather low credit-value prohibits a course extent that can
cover the subject as broad and deep as necessary for design engineers.
The main features of that concept are:
• a standardized example project designed to give insight into as many modelling techniques and
aspects as can be covered in a single-credit course
• blended learning with a choice of alternative media, which means that different media and
teaching concepts can be compared with regards to their suitability for CAD training
• an option to choose from currently 3 different software products, which also means that the
course can be used as a comparative study of different CAD-systems
This approach could only be realized as a result of a collaboration of three different chairs of two
universities and the willingness to consider this project not only as a teaching obligation but a
systematic study of different engineering software solutions and alternative teaching concepts.

Keywords: CAD-education, multi-classroom teaching, blended learning


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