Roller Bench Design for Disabled Persons

IPD 2010: Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Integrated Product Development, Magdeburg, Germany, 15.-17.09.2010

Year: 2010
Editor: Sándor Vajna
Author: Zwierczyk, Peter T.; Horváth, B.; Fejér, T.; Váradi, Prof. Dr. K.
Page(s): 11


This paper involves the design process of a roller bench which helps the rehabilitation of people in wheelchairs from the first steps to the final design. After the determination of the requirements list the conceptions were developed. Parallelly with concept design, the future form design of the equipment was started to be elaborated. The detail of the final construction shows how to achieve real drive conditions with a very simple mechanism and an attractive design.

Keywords: Roller Bench, Medical Equipment Design, Rehabilitation Equipment, Wheelchair

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