The Guideline "Design for Upgrading" as a Medium for Sustainable Design

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Lindemann, U.; Mörtl, M.; Hessling, T.; Hutterer, P.
Section: ECODESIGN Workshop
Page(s): 1331-1338


This paper is about the topic to prolong the service life of capital goods - with a special focus to Upgrading. The processes occurring during the generation of a product should be systematically planned with the available information about its future use. Accordingly the product should be specifically designed and formed to satisfy this requirements.
It is the goal that products are utilized longer and reduce the essential disadvantages onto the environment due to increasingly shorter innovations and product life cycles. The service life prolongation is supposed to be possible when the implementation of new and improved functions or units is simplified and the costs for manufacturers and users are reduced.

Keywords: Upgrading, Product development, Strategy


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