Numerical Analyses of Mixed Mode Crack Propagation Using Virtual Crack Extension Method

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Zafošnik B.; Ulbin M.; Flašker J.
Section: Analysis Technologies
Page(s): 1279-1284


Paper presents numerical simulation of crack propagation under mixed mode loading conditions. Widely used criteria for crack propagation angle include the strain energy release rate G, the maximum circumferential stress and the minimum strain energy density. All these methods are included in numerical analyses. Research work was focused on virtual crack extension method (VCE), based on strain energy release rate. CTS specimen was used for simulation of crack propagation. Results show that VCE method gives comparable results with other methods when tensile stresses around the crack tip dominate. When shear stresses dominate Sqmax criterion is the most accurate.

Keywords: Crack simulation, Mixed Mode, Virtual Crack Extension method, CTS specimen


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