Using of 3-D Parametrical Blocking Contours for Optimizing External Cylindrical Gear Drives on a "Geometrical Level"

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Nenov, P.; Anguelova, A.; Kaloyanov, B.
Section: Analysis Technologies
Page(s): 1223-1226


Always when the operating gear center distance is not specified, the modern design process of a gear drive with optimal parameters could start by creating a 3-D model of it parametrical blocking contour. It general appearance this model represent restricted multitude of limited 3-D surfaces corresponding to definite unspecified parameters of the gear drive. We can create this mathematical models automatically, using a software package, developed by us (see the picture bellow). The models includes the hole range of the admissible combinations of the center distance and the addendum modification coefficients, as well as the contact ratio, the arc-tooth thickness at the outside diameter of the gear wheels, the sliding velocities and others parameters of the gear mesh. Those models give us the possibility to find the best solution that we are looking for.

Keywords: Design of gear drives, new approach, programming system, 3-D visualization


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