Analytical and Numerical Analysis of Non-Symmetrical All Steel Sandwich Panels Under Uniform Pressure Load

DS 30: Proceedings of DESIGN 2002, the 7th International Design Conference, Dubrovnik

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Kujala, P.; Klanac, A.
Section: Analysis Technologies
Page(s): 1205-1210


Steel sandwich panels welded by laser can offer 30-50 % weight savings compared to the conventional steel structures. In the paper, the behaviour of the non – symmetrical all steel sandwich panels with I core under constant pressure are studied theoretically and numerically applying FEM. Non – symmetrical sandwich panels are considered to have different thicknesses of face plates. The analytical formulations include: elastic constant of shear stiffness in direction perpendicular to the core and closed form solutions for deflection of simply supported sandwich beam. Numerical finite element method (FEM) analyses are performed in order to verify the developed theoretical models.

Keywords: Steel sandwich panel, laser welding, shear stiffness


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