Prediction of 3-D Crack Growth in Thin Rim-Gears

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Kramberger, J.; Potrc, I.; Flašker, J.
Section: Analysis Technologies
Page(s): 1193-1198


Thin-rim gears with an initial crack in the tooth root, caused by various reasons, are dealt with in this paper. By standard procedures, it is impossible to gain a very good insight into the conditions appearing at the formation of initial damage. Bearing this in mind, a numerical model has been elaborated. The boundary element method and the theory of linear-elastic fracture mechanics have been used for crack growth simulation. By means of 3-D numerical analysis, the influence of a different position of a web (in the middle and at the edge of a rim) upon the direction of crack propagation and the remaining life is researched. The results of the research work offer a more optimal concept of gear design and dimensions.

Keywords: thin-rim gears, tooth root stress, gear tooth crack, fatigue crack propagation, numerical methods, boundary element method


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