Influence of the Hoisting Drum Winding System on the End Plate Loads

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Otto, S.; Mupende, I.; Dietz, P.
Section: Technical systems
Page(s): 1091-1096


Experiments and FEA-Simulations on hoisting drums with winding system according to LeBus show that conventional calculation methods, which are based on the assumption of an symmetrical axial load distributed equally over the circumference of the end plate, unsatisfactorily mirror end plate stresses of these types of hoisting drums. Brought about through the winding process in this winding system, an asymmetric pressure distribution arises over the contact areas of the separate layers which has to take into account for developing multilayered light-weight rope drums.

Keywords: Hoisting drum, Winding System, Non-symmetrical End Plate Loads


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