Effeciency of Design Studies in Zagreb

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Lapaine, B.; Kapetanovic, Z.
Section: Design Education
Page(s): 1015-1020


DESIGN 2002 is giving us opportunity to present resultats of research on School's effeciency. These results should draw attention of professional designers because they give information about high education of professionals who will soon contribute to the progress of design as a profession.
Since this paper contains many indicative information it is neccesary to take these information into account while making corrections in organization and educational programme. It is also important to understand that this paper is going to show state-of-the art of design students during winter semester, but research includes students of all four years of the academic year 2001-2002.

Keywords: School of Design, Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, Results of Poll Among Design Studies


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