Education for Engineering and Designing

DS 30: Proceedings of DESIGN 2002, the 7th International Design Conference, Dubrovnik

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Eder, W. E.
Section: Design Education
Page(s): 975-980


Education in engineering can usefully be structured according to the theory of technical systems. Considerations of the didactics and pedagogics of educating (teaching and learning) are discussed. Particular emphasis is placed on the limitations of science, on the values and needs of society, and on the distinctive tasks of engineering B designing new and modified technical systems for human use. Such technical systems should be optimal for their intended conditions of use. This involves many humanistic, cultural and societal properties of the technical systems which can hardly be described by the existing conventional sciences. The theory of technical systems, and Design Science, provide guidance for these aspects.

Keywords: education, designing, theory of technical systems


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