Some Problems of Unreliability and Hazard in Technical Objects

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Smalko, Z.; Jazwinski, J.; Zurek, J.
Section: Multidisciplinary aspects of design
Page(s): 905-910


In the paper the analysis of the relations between the hazard and unreliability characteristics of the technical objects has been presented. The mathematical model, described in the paper, enables the analysis from the point of view of influence of various factors on the safety. In the paper the formula describing dependency on reliability from safety was considered. Analysis of these formulae permits to state some advice for specialists who investigate technical objects accidents. The correlation coefficient between the safety and reliability characteristics has been determined. Analysis of the correlation coefficient enable to formulate some recommendations for the constructors of technical objects.

Keywords: Reliability, safety, technical objects, correlation coefficient


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