Trajectory of the Human Body Mass Centre During Walking at Different Speed

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Jurcevic Lulic, T.; Muftic, O.
Section: Multidisciplinary aspects of design
Page(s): 797-802


The body's centre of mass is a key factor in the analysis of human gait, as it reflects the motion of the whole body. The major objectives of this paper were to describe the inter-subject variation of the motion of the centre of mass in normal walking through determination of mean and standard deviation and to investigate the influence of walking speed on trajectory of the body mass centre. An automatised method for determination of the whole body centre of mass has been established. A typical pattern of trajectory of the body mass centre during gait cycle has been established for every subject and general pattern for normal and fast gait has been determined from typical patterns.

Keywords: human walking, trajectory of the whole body mass centre, walking speed


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