New Generation Computer-Aided Design Tools: Two Related Research Projects Investigating the Future Expectations of Designers

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Sener, B.; Vergeest, J. S. M.; Akar, E.
Section: Supportive technologies
Page(s): 539-544


The aim of this paper is to add to the debate through the findings of two discrete ongoing research projects, carried out in the Netherlands and in England, following these common aims: to explore the capability of current CAD systems to support conceptual design activity; to identify user expectations of new generation CAID tools. The outcome of these studies will help researchers and software developers to better understand the needs of professions involved in the design process, such as industrial designers and design engineers, and will help to produce improved CAID tools that can be used from concept sketches to final product.

Keywords: CAD, CACD, CAID, sketching


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