An Interface Specification for Principle Solutions Supporting the Cross-Domain Design of Mechatronic Systems

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Möhringer, S.; Gausemeier, J.
Section: Supportive technologies
Page(s): 533-538


Starting from the principle solution of a mechatronic system its components are usually worked out in detail decentralised within the envolved engineering domains. With the increasing design progress the interactions between the components become more and more important. They must be considered at any time to ensure the system integration and a total product optimum. Furthermore these interactions can change due to new customer requirements or proceeding component specifications. In order to manage the interactions a cross-domain interface specification is presented. It helps that engineers can work independently based on well-defined interfaces between related components. Modifications and their effects become transparent and controllable.

Keywords: modelling of principal solutions, conceptual design, interface specification, mechatronic systems, collaborative design


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