Virtual Prototyping Simulation for the Design of Two-Wheeled Vehicles

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Barone, S.; Curcio, A.; Pierucci, F.
Section: Supportive technologies
Page(s): 449-456


In this paper, a CAD system and a multi-body kernel have been integrated using a neutral top-down design environment. In particular, a parametric 3D functional scheme is developed as entry-level model to specify mechanism composition and to give starting values to positions and dimensions for all main components. The system uses CAD models to calculate mass and inertia properties, and the description of nominal geometries for visualization. Mechanism definition is based on the following steps: creation of a schematic multibody system, extraction of part properties from solid models, assembly modelling, multibody mechanism generation. As examples, virtual prototyping applications are presented in the context of vehicle design.

Keywords: CAD; Multi-Body Simulation, Virtual Prototyping, Vehicle Design


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