DAMOCIA-Design. An Experience of Design of Greenhouses Structures Modeling the Professional Knowledge with CommonKADS

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Bienvenido, J. F.; Flores-Parra, I. M.; Guirado, R.
Section: Design information systems & knowledge management
Page(s): 283-288


In this paper, we presents a knowledge intensive design tool, DAMOCIA-Design, which supports the design of greenhouse structures. After stating the initial necessity of a specialized tool that helps the agronomic and industrial engineers developing more competitive greenhouse structures for our area, we presents the evolution of the design tool through three succesive versions, analyzing and justifying their technical characteristics and capabilities. Main reason of this evolution was the increasing requirement of flexibility of the design system. Ordering the diverse knowledge contributed by the field specialist, reusing as much as possible work methods and software elements], was the main objective of the third version of the design tool. This was primarily a problem of knowledge management and acquisition, deciding to use the CommonKADS methodology.

Keywords: Knowledge Intensive Design, Greenhouse Design, CommonCADS


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