From Function to Form Using Physical Reasoning

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Žavbi, R.; Hansen, C. T.
Section: Design research and technology
Page(s): 267-272


The goal of engineering design is to design a product, which fulfils a required function. The Domain theory and chaining of physical laws (way to synthesise solutions) offer a possibility to propose a framework of how to carry out functional reasoning. The proposed framework consists of mental objects (i.e. problem, function, physics, structure, design) and operations (i.e. synthesis, view, abstraction) between them. Functional reasoning based on the engineering designer’s knowledge about physical laws is known as physical reasoning and it is identified in the framework among the ways from function to form. Twisting of knowledge is also identified and explained.

Keywords: Function, synthesis, form, physical reasoning, Domain theory, chaining of physical laws, twisting of knowledge


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