A Study of the Effects of Different Types of System Architecture on the Development Process

DS 30: Proceedings of DESIGN 2002, the 7th International Design Conference, Dubrovnik

Year: 2002
Editor: Marjanovic D.
Author: Grante, C.; Bylund, N.
Section: Design research and technology
Page(s): 137-144


To minimise development cost and time different system architectures require different development processes, in this paper the impact on early phases is addressed. Three types of system architectures are identified, integrated, distributed and mixed, (partly integrated and partly distributed). It is shown that the type of interfaces defines the type of architecture. Integrated systems have more interfaces, which furthermore are vaguely defined. Distributed systems have fever and well-defined interfaces. To develop an integrated system focus has to be put on enhancing necessary iterations, in distributed systems focus has to be put on possible parallel development, mixed systems needs both approaches and also requires sequential development.

Keywords: product development, system architecture, concept phase, design theory, organ structure, design structure matrix (DSM)


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