Year: 2004
Editor: Lehtonen, Timo; Pulkkinen, Antti and Riitahuhta, Asko
Author: Leibl, Peter; Kuosmanen, Petri; Bargelis, Algirdas
Page(s): 335 - 339


Increased internationalisation in industry, schools and universities has given the possibility and, at the same time, put the pressure to share the best practises in teaching and learning. The Internet gives excellent environment for co-operation in meeting a claim of generating and using recent and high quality teaching material. In addition, web-based learning is flexible, i.e. the students from working life can study at any time at any location. To fulfil these requirements, the decision was made to establish a multinational team from universities and companies. A network of partners consisting of six universities from different European countries, two companies and one college was set up. The tasks were defined according to the partner's abilities. The universities had to create concepts and contents for the web-based training modules. The companies and the college mainly evaluated the programs. The impact of the project in the short term will be a preparation of new web-based study courses and teaching materials for the study procedure of the inter-disciplines with a high efficiency. Long-term impact is an internationalisation of study programmes, which are targeted towards the changing product design environment.

Keywords: Web-based learning, multinational project, design education


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