Exercise of imagination to think about new designs

Year: 2009
Editor: Clarke, A, Ion, W, McMahon, C and Hogarth, P
Author: Lloveras, Joaquim
Page(s): 370-375


Due to global competition, better products are expected to be produced in a race towards innovation, leaving old products obsolete. This new situation involves training new generations of engineers to meet the requirements of future industrial processes where the design of products with new features and performances will play a crucial role. In order to create innovative products or improve existing ones, new ideas obtained by both thinking and working are needed. However, several creativity techniques may also contribute to the generation of ideas. This paper presents an exercise of imagination to bring forth new ideas to create an ideal product of the future, as if it were a magic product, regardless of its current technical or economic viability.

Keywords: Ideal functions, imagination, viability, engineering training

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